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27 May 2005

Lunch at the Lufa Gourmet in Pudong

You may recall a post from my trip to Shanghai in which I recounted an amazing meal at the Lufa Gourmet restaurant. One of my companions was kind enough to forward several photos that I am sharing below. Enjoy! I'm off to Taipei this afternoon, so look for posts from there soon.

A dining room the size of a football field. Posted by Hello

The 'menu' was a little intimidating! Posted by Hello

I can't believe we ordered this much food.... Posted by Hello

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Jessica said...

I just got back from dropping Chris off at the airport (a tad late for my comfort level, but he's the laid-back one in the family!). It's fitting, then, that the Italian phrase-of-the-day calendar today says, "Resta qui," meaning, "Stay here." :(