Where am I now?

As you can see, this blog hasn't gotten any love in many years... But you can now find me on my site jessicatravels.com.

23 August 2007

Have you seen my fish?

If you haven't seen the cute fish animation I added on the right hand column of the blog, scroll down a bit and you'll find them. They'll follow your cursor around if you hold it over the white box (their "tank," I imagine), and if you click in that box you can deliver "food" to them which they will then eat. Is it silly? Of course. But it provided me with a few minutes of fun one day, so I figured it could possibly do the same for someone else as well. It's kind of meditative...


stephanie said...

I have a mean streak. I find it quite satisfying to streak the cursor through the tank and watch them chase after where it was.

W. said...

grazie, non posso tenermi un animale domestico (strano queste parole) e questo e' perfetto ;-) un animale domestico virtuale!