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23 September 2007

I think I need another tattoo.

I'll admit that part of my "need" has to do with having watched a couple of different tattoo programs on TV. Every time I see "Miami Ink" or "LA Ink" I decide that I must add to my tattoo collection, but usually I don't think any more about it than that. Today, however, I've just spent the last half-hour checking out the online portfolios of some of the artists working in Portland. We'll see how long it takes me to take the next step.

I have a couple different designs in mind - one to continue from the tattoo I currently have, and another on the opposite arm. My only tattoo so far, a bright sun-face on my right shoulder, needs company, I think. And I kind of see an earth and moon there, too, going further down my arm toward my elbow. Of course, then my left arm will feel terribly left out, so I've got to do something over there, too. And for some reason I've been drawn to these kind of organic plant shapes lately - the kind that are in the corners of the website for Sundance's The Green show - but I'm not sure how that'd translate onto a tattoo. At any rate, I've just come to the conclusion that my arms are too bare, and I need some more color. It's fun to finally be doing more than just saying I want more tattoos, especially since the one I have is more than 10 years old now! Yes, it's time.

If anyone has an artist recommendation here in Portland, I'm all ears.


Will said...

I'm right there with you. I NEED more ink. Right now, though I definitely don't have the money.

I need to bring back some balance:

right arm

I have a couple of others, but like my piercings, they're only for Jeani to see.

I always argue against using names, but I'm thinking seriously of adding my boy's name (Liam) into a larger design.

If you do find a good artist, make sure you share.

Jessica said...

I found an artist whose work I really like, and who seems to specialize in the kinds of designs I'm most interested in - her name is Alice Kendall and she works at Infinity Tattoo here in Portland. Of course, she doesn't know yet. :)