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05 October 2008

Baking Music

I don't know about you, but when I get to doing domestic stuff I really need the right soundtrack. And since I don't really cook all that much, it's not often that I need baking music - but this afternoon I baked two apple pies, and I knew that facing that many apples that needed peeling and coring required something to keep me motivated. So I broke out my old favorite, a 2-CD set guaranteed to take me through any marathon baking session - James Taylor Live.

I remember getting this CD set back in college, when all my friends had it and I coveted it, and then in the years after I graduated - when I lived alone in a dark basement apartment in SE Portland and didn't really do much cooking at all - the CDs kept me company when I would clean. I'd blare the stereo and sing over the noise of the vacuum cleaner - those old James Taylor favorites kept me happy and moving when I would have just preferred to sink into the sofa and watch TV.

Nowadays, I have plenty more CDs that are just as upbeat and motivating, but sometimes I just crave my old favorite. And today, when it's been raining all. day. long. and I knew I'd be baking my dessert equivalent of comfort food, I wanted something like the musical equivalent of comfort food, too. So James Taylor and his excellent band have been keeping me going for the past couple hours. Now the pies are just barely out of the oven, the house smells amazing, and the last song just finished on CD #2. I feel all warm inside. Mission very much accomplished.

What's your cooking soundtrack?


Anonymous said...

My cooking soundtrack is 80's rock, Bruce, Bon Jovi, and a little pop for good measure. I save the peppier stuff for housework, since I can usually only get the rhythm and some beat. You gotta hear the words with Bruce, you know?

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Pink Martini - Hang on Little Tomatoe. I find the songs on this CD so upbeat that it is hard not to keep moving. Plus what other CD allows me to sing along in Italian for a few songs.