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30 October 2007

What's a Soulterrain?

In the course of my research today, I'm reading about Hungary, and I'm still finding entertaining tidbits. For example, you know you're reading a computer-generated translation when you read something like this:

"This modern furnished, two-story terraced house has a beautiful, calm situation. Common, enclosed garden with UBS103. The landlord lives in the Souterrain."

Luckily, this description was followed by a note indicating that "this description was computer translated to English." Well, that's good, because I was beginning to wonder what on earth "Soulterrain" means in Hungarian. Sounds like a good band name, though, yes?


Vicki Jean said...

She lives in the souterrain -- the basement (it's french). Like, if you go into the Metro, you take the passage souterrain.

Unfortunately, not soultrain. Or Soulterrain. or soulterrier.

Jessica said...

Ack! Omigod, I can't believe I totally misread that - I'd inserted the "L" in there. How strange. I must be distracted and overly busy... :(