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22 November 2007

Pictures of Milan, part 2

I'm back from Milan, and I think I'm mostly over the jetlag. It was bad for a couple of days (after nearly 23 hours in transit on Sunday, which I don't wish on anyone), but I finally started sleeping until the alarm again. Just in time for a four-day weekend!

Anyway, I've got my pictures from the Milan trip up on Flickr, so you can hop on over there to take a peek at them. The ones highlighted here are just a sample, of course, but include two things which seemed very Milan to me - coffee and fashion. The lady in red is a model who was being photographed just outside the Duomo one day, so I figured I'd snap a few pictures as well. I loved that most of the Milanese didn't even seem to notice her. There are more photos of fashionable shoppers, as well as the beautiful cathedral and a few Italian cars, in my Milan Flickr set, so go check it out.

Chris and I really liked Milan, and now the task at hand is to cultivate the relationships we started with our networking meetings. Chris in particular was a busy networker, although I met a couple of expat bloggers as well. Overall, we're very pleased with how the trip went, though time will tell if it was truly "successful" or not.

For the next few days, however, we're all about the food! We get two Thanksgivings this year - one today and another on Saturday - so we're going to make the most of the weekend. I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend!

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