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31 May 2008

Chris' Italian Adventures

Chris is about halfway through his trip in Milan right now, and he's already had several meetings and interviews. But this weekend he's going to have a bit of fun - on Sunday, the final stage of the Giro d'Italia races into Milan, so he'll be going to see that. And then on Monday, which is a big national holiday in Italy, he's planning to go to a free concert in the Piazza del Duomo by Andrea Bocelli. He's got my little camera, so I told him to snap some pictures. Both events should be a nice diversion from the work he's been doing so far.

Meanwhile, we're moving ahead with the visa paperwork process. For some reason, the copies we already have of our birth certificates and marriage certificate aren't good enough - they have to be issued within the past six months in order to be approved by the Italian consulate. So, we're ordering new copies of all those things. Then, when Chris gets back, we'll have to plan a trip to visit the consulate itself in San Francisco at some point this summer. I think that's one of two trips we'll have to make down there as part of this process, but I can't keep it all straight. Chris has been shepherding the whole thing along, thank goodness. I just do what I'm told.

I've been getting up way too early (for my tastes) to watch the live coverage of the Giro via the internet, so I'm absolutely exhausted (partly because on top of the early mornings, I've also been staying up too late!). I'm going to go to the farmer's market today and then will be enjoying a nice, long nap. I can't wait.

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