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16 May 2008

Milan: 3 Visits in 6 Months

We just bought a ticket for Chris to go back to Milan - solo this time, bummer for me - for a second job interview. He leaves on May 25 and will be there for about 10 days, having not only that second interview but also a bunch more meetings he's currently setting up. He'll also get a chance to meet again with the folks at the relocation agency in Milan that we're working with to secure the necessary visas for us to actually live in Italy, so that'll be good. We'll probably have to plan a quick trip down to San Francisco shortly after his return to visit the Italian Consulate down there as part of the visa process, but he'll get that confirmed on this trip.

So, while our lives are still very much up in the air, we'd appreciate all the positive thoughts y'all can spare starting May 25 for about 10 days!

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