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18 September 2008

Do I really talk about laundry that much?

So, you may have noticed the little Twitter updates at the top of the blog - I'm a big Twitter fan. I use Twitter every day. I talk about work, Italy, the cats, the husband, food, and whatever the heck is on my mind. Just today someone I follow on Twitter posted about her "Tweet Cloud," which of course I had to check out for my own account - and I'm kind of horrified at what I found.

For some background, a "Tweet Cloud" is Twitter-speak for a "tag cloud" - and a "cloud" in this sense is essentially a list of words that you use often in tags (or, in this case, posts on Twitter), where the words are physically different sizes based on how much or how little they're used. The idea is that you get a graphic representation of how often you talk about certain things. So, because I was curious, I decided to see what my "Tweet Cloud" looked like (can I just say here how much I hate the word "tweet" for Twitter updates, and wonder aloud why things have to be cutesy and make us sound like idiots when we talk about them?).

I'm not surprised that the word "today" is my most-used word on Twitter - I usually start off each day talking about what I'm going to do that day. So the fact that "today" has 99 appearances & "day" has 81 makes sense to me. "Italian" coming in at 71 appearances doesn't surprise me either. ("Italy" has 44 appearances.) But the fact that "coffee" shows up 63 times is a little frightening. I had no idea I talked about coffee that much - it's especially weird because prior to our February/March trip to Italy, I didn't drink coffee at all. Ever. So apparently I'm making up for lost time or something.

If you look at all the food-related words in the whole cloud, there's quite a bit of food-talk going on in my Twitter stream, too. And the other day, one of the people I follow on Twitter wrote, "Raise your hand if andiamo's tweets make you hungry - and jealous." This is all surprising to notice, given that I basically don't cook. I eat.

And finally, I'm a little disturbed to note that the word "laundry" shows up 13 times. Now, it's not exactly competing with "Italian" (or "coffee," for that matter), but I swear, I had no idea I'd even mentioned doing laundry all that much. The fact that it's there 13 times is bizarre to me. And it's going to make me think twice about mentioning my laundry again.


Will said...

Well, that's it. You convinced me. I'm now following you on Twitter.

Jessica said...

Ha - I hope you like it. I'm completely addicted, so I'm perhaps not the most unbiased salesperson ever. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for saying something about the whole "Tweet" thing. hat drives me bananas!

Jessica said...

Yeah, I just can't bring myself to call them "tweets." It's completely ridiculous. Why do we have to sound like children? Really? Like "Twitter" isn't bad enough already! ;)