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18 February 2007

Catching Up with Euro Sports

The Tour of California started today, for which I am incredibly thankful. It's a relief to have race commentators back on talking about racing and only mentioning doping scandals in passing, as opposed to scandals dominating the whole friggin conversation. My darling Ivan is down there, and even though he didn't do anything spectacular today, I'm sure he'll show himself to be in good form later in the week... Or at least later in the season. He is, after all, apparently riding in a supporting role to Levi Leipheimer this week. And that's fine. A little humility will only make him more adorable. I'll be blogging about the race over at the Cycling Logue, if you're into that kind of thing.

Over to Italian soccer, which suffered a blow recently with the death of a policeman in an after-match riot in Catania. Soccer-related riots are nothing new, though sadly it apparently takes a death for officials to take security measures seriously. Here's hoping the changes they make now will keep such a thing from happening again. On a lighter note, the Italy site under The Offside umbrella found a couple of videos featuring Italian soccer clubs singing their little hearts out. Who knew, apparently these guys can sing, too!

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