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16 February 2007

Is it possible to have too many shoes?

Now, I'm no Imelda Marcos, but I do have a thing for shoes. I've got shoes stashed in three places around the house, and yesterday while shoe-shopping I actually had one of those moments where I picked up a pair of cute mules and, as I was trying them on, thought, "Wait, do I already own these?"

Rather than pass up a good deal, however (they were $20, marked down from $65!), I bought them and figured I'd return them if they were duplicates. I'm happy to say they weren't duplicates, so now I just have to find a home for them in my overflowing closet; them and the new heeled boots I bought as well. And as if those two goodies weren't enough, I got a free bag just for making a purchase. After not being able to do any "fun" shopping for a long time now, it was nice to treat myself again.

And just in case you were wondering, the response to the question in the title isn't just no, it's hell no.

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