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16 February 2008

Counting Down

Today has been set aside for chores and errands, so there's laundry already in the washing machine and a list of other stuff to accomplish before day's end. Then tomorrow should be all about packing. I slept horribly last night, kept waking up during the night and woke up this morning with a headache. Not a good way to start any day, but today it almost seems like a test... Can she do it? Can she get it all done while combating a headache? The universe may be strong, but I've got Excedrin. I'll show it.

I sent off a bunch of emails yesterday to the tourist offices in the cities I'm hoping to visit in Italy, asking for assistance with my research trip. I'm not used to asking for stuff and using the words "travel writer" much yet, but I guess with an email the worst they can do is say no. What I'd really love is a guide in each city to help me find the best of each place without having to search too much on my own. Not that I don't like that kind of searching, of course - I love the aimless wandering part, snapping photos and stumbling upon glorious things... But this time I feel like I've got a to-do list that doesn't allow for much wandering time. A guide would be most helpful. We'll see.

So, back to my chores, and back to my headache. In a couple days, all I'll need to think about is how to occupy myself for nine hours on the flight from Portland to Frankfurt.

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