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24 February 2008

Trip Photos (So Far)

our doorbell in milan
Originally uploaded by andiamotutti
That's a picture of our doorbell here in Milan, and you can see the pictures I've taken so far (well, some of them, anyway) - including pictures of our apartment - in this new set on Flickr. I'll keep adding to that set as I go, too.

Chris and I went to the Pinacoteca Brera today, an art museum in central Milan. It was fairly interesting, even despite there being no descriptions written in English anywhere (we could have rented an audio guide, but we opted not to - it was fine, because we could read most of what we wanted on the Italian descriptions, but I felt badly for other visitors who don't speak the language).

We also found a pasticceria close to our apartment which is too expensive to visit often, but the proprietors were so incredibly nice that we'll have to make a point to go back anyway. The woman running the place came out to invite us inside when we were looking at the window display, and Chris made friends with her instantly by kissing her cheeks when she asked if he was a native Italian (he was speaking Italian and said we were from America, but she thought we must have been Italian originally because he was speaking Italian). It was incredibly sweet, and it's just that kind of thing that makes me smile here.


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog. Loving that you're all settled. Taking bets on you leaving the pet store with only treats and no new children!
Jennie Lou Harris

Anonymous said...

Signor and Signora Sangiovanni,

Reading your blog what keeps coming to mind is that whispy sound people make when things are too well to be believed - aaaaahhh. I'm settled into my apartment and spent the day strolling around Milan - aaaahhh. Someone complimented my Italian and fed me pastries - aaaahhh.

Lovin' that your enjoying yourselves.

Glen and Steph

Anonymous said...

Jess - Buon Compleanno! And to you and Chris, greetings and well wishes. We love the updates as we travel vicariously! Wishing you continued fun and success.
John, Chris, Maddie and Ben

Nino said...

It is great to see you guys settling in so nicely. I'm writing this post from a balcony overlooking our hotel here in Puerto Vallarta. We leave today to head home. Maybe we will divert to Milan instead :)

Nino & Patricia

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you enjoyed it. The place looks great, have fun on your upcoming adventures!
J, C, M &B

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Hi Jess!

Your blog and pictures on Flickr are great! I was surprised to see the Prius has reached Milan as well as in the US, and hungry for a slice of that Italian flag pizza. I miss Italy, and Sal has never been so maybe will will get a chance to go in 2009. If only the dollar would get it's act together.....

- John & Sally.