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22 February 2008

Eagles Breakfast Soundtrack, and Other Milano Notes

Just a couple more notes from our trip thus far:

* The hotel we're in (until tomorrow, when we can finally get into the apartment - YAY!) is one of those that offers breakfast included with your stay. It's the standard breakfast bar you find in these places - cereals, juices, some tired-looking pastries and a few trays of sliced meat and cheese. This breakfast room, however, offers something different - an Eagles Greatest Hits soundtrack on a constant loop. The last three days we've gone in there, it's been the same thing. We can't figure out if it's someone's new favorite CD, if they are forced to play it or if the CD is stuck in the machine. Either way, it's kind of funny. I might actually miss the Eagles breakfast soundtrack in a few days. Or not.

* I've had a couple espresso drinks in the last two days, with no ill effects! As some of you know, coffee tends to do a number on my gastro-intestinal system, so that the after-meal coffee or breakfast coffee that's so typical in Italy has always been something I can't partake in. Which is kind of a bummer. The last two days, though, I've been feeling reckless (or stupid, I dunno), and have had two coffees - espresso normale both times, which is just a straight shot of espresso in a tiny little cup - with no sudden need to spend hours in the loo. That, my friends, makes me feel like Italy and I are becoming even better friends, and that makes me quite happy. (And I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.)

* We just came back from wandering through the Navigli neighborhood in the southwestern part of Milan, and on the tram ride back we passed a pet store - it's only about 4 blocks from the hotel, so I may try to buzz over there this afternoon while Chris is out at meetings. I just want to get a look at the kinds of things that are in pet stores here as opposed to at home - I know one expat blogger whose cats hate Italian cat treats, so her mother sends American cat treats to her "grand-cats" every so often. I know both my mom and my mother-in-law would probably be happy to do that, but it'd be nice if our cats actually liked what was on offer here, too. I'm going to bring home some cat treats so they can try them, but might not buy anything just yet.

* I got a note from the guy in Venice who is helping out with my accommodations for my travels, and he sent me a link to the place he's putting me up in Venice. It's about 100 meters from Piazza San Marco. I'm already giddy about it.

* Oh, and yesterday afternoon I met up with my friend Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy and she told me what the Italian word for flatiron is (piastra, for anyone who's wondering) and sent me to the beauty supply store where she bought hers. So I'm now the proud owner of a Jaguar flatiron which works a treat. I've still got my American one and will try to resurrect it when I get home, but for now, it's getting its own kind of vacation.

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wEt said...

Ciao bella...
Si sembra tutto sia bene tranne la tua piastra :-P
Cavoli.. se tu devi scrivere ogni giorno in inglese non sara' una immersione totale.... gnawgnaw....
Vi abbiamo mancato al incontro ieri sera. La settimana prossima Pamela esca per Buenos Aires e Patagonia. Nostro gruppo sta restringendosi!! Beh! Se tu vorrei far practica il tuo italiano, fammi sapere... sono disponibile su Skype! hahahahah