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13 July 2007

Computers Don't Like Green Tea

So, the day before Friday the 13th I had some nasty bad luck - I accidentally (because, really, who would do this on purpose?) spilled some green tea onto my laptop while I was at work. The monitor immediately began flickering. The computer guru at my office sits right next to me, thank goodness, and he switched the laptop off and began taking it apart. We dried everything we could see but the monitor was still barely visible to completely black when we tried starting it again. My stomach was, by that point, home to an awful sick feeling...

I've got an archaic spare machine now which I'm borrowing from work, and my laptop is in several pieces on my dining room table airing out. Chris is pretty confident that once it's dry it'll start up again just fine, but of course I'm worried. The good news is that the daily backup I do means that there's essentially nothing that will be lost data-wise, it's just an annoyance if I have to send the machine to Texas to have Dell fix it, or an expense if I have to buy a new one. I'm not looking forward to either of those possibilities, so I'm hoping Chris' optimism is well-founded.

I learn quickly, generally speaking. After I nearly lost my entire senior thesis in college because I hadn't hit the "save" button in hours, I got into the habit of hitting the "save" button every 30 seconds or so. In the future, you probably won't find open containers anywhere near my computer.

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