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24 July 2007

This is suspicious...

Every time Chris leaves for a business trip of more than a day, I get sick. I swear this is true, and he agrees. He thinks it's a spooky coincidence, I think it's some kind of conspiracy. Whatever it is, it's downright annoying. I mean, I wouldn't be feeling any better if he were here - I'd still have the most congested nose I have ever had, bar none - but at least I'd have someone to fetch me things... Which is, of course, why I'm sure he's very glad he's away on business.

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Will said...

Not exactly the same, but I remember the first time I got a wicked stomach flu when living on my own.

I called my mom at 3:30 in the morning, because I needed someone, anyone to feel sorry for me.

Hope you feel better!