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02 July 2007

Rundown of the Last Week

Quick update, since it's been awhile...
  • Our weekend was exceptionally busy - too busy, frankly - but one highlight was a potluck we went to yesterday at the home of some friends who live outside St. Helens (about an hour from Portland). She's a professional chef in Portland, so the guest list was almost entirely made up of other professional chefs. I tell you, that's the way to do a potluck, people. I was clever enough to fast before the party, only having a light breakfast and no lunch, so I actually went in for 3rds and possibly a small helping of 4ths before calling it quits. It was amazing stuff.

  • Bub's appetite still isn't great after his last chemo (2 weeks ago) and he goes back for the next round tomorrow. He seems fine, however, which is good - happy and energetic. I take that as a good sign. I just hope he's gained a little weight the past 2 weeks, or at least maintained.

  • Abby, his sister, was at the vet's today getting her teeth cleaned. It's an all-day event, so I just got her home about an hour ago. She didn't have any extractions like her poor sister Jasmine, so she's just a little disoriented now. But she's happy to be home, and I'm glad for that.

  • We've got no plans for the 4th this year, mainly because neither of us is feeling particularly social or energetic lately. It's partly cat-related stress and partly job-related stress, we figure, but we're just pretty content to be at home by ourselves these days (this past busy weekend not withstanding). I've always wanted to test the theory of whether we could actually see the Lake Oswego fireworks from our window, so we might get a chance to do that this year.

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Michael said...

Please send me the guest list from that pot-luck. As soon as I can eat again I will have a party to celebrate so I will invite you and all your new friends.