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25 June 2007

Even My Cats are Bad Jews

I like to joke that I'm a bad Jew - it's a good joke if you know me and my family, but it sounds weird out of context. Here on the blog, it's kind of out of context. But if I say this, it might help... What made me think of it is this:

I'm such a bad Jew, even my cats eat ham.

All three of the cats seem to really like sliced ham, the lunch meat stuff, although in varying degrees. Bub's last chemo appointment was a doozy, so his appetite still isn't what it was before he went in last week, but he'll still eat a few bites of ham (but only if I hand feed him - I have no idea why). Jasmine adores the ham, so I just cut it up into tiny pieces so she doesn't have to worry about chewing it too much. And Abby, Bub's sister, eats whatever ham is left on the plate when Bub's done. She's very polite about it, it's cute - she'll let him eat what he's going to eat without bothering him, and then after he's gone she'll move in and clean up. It's pretty funny.

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