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07 June 2007

The Unhappiest Cat in the World

The title of this post doesn't even refer to my dear boy, Bub, who is undergoing chemo treatments for lymphoma. No, that title refers to our eldest, Jasmine, who had a vet appointment today.

See, when Bub started his treatments, I thought it was a good time to get the other two cats in to the vet for checkups - partly because they hadn't been in for years, and partly because with his suppressed immune system it made sense to try to limit any potential for the other cats to give him something. So Jasmine's appointment was set for this afternoon, and Chris had to come home from work to take her. See, I can't handle her when she's pissy. When it's just Chris and I around, Jasmine is a complete love-muffin, or really frisky and playful. She's not really friendly with other people, but that's okay. What we discovered this afternoon, however, is that when you're trying to shove her into a cat carrier, things get ugly.

She escaped from our first attempt to stuff her into the carrier, and when Chris next captured her she put up a huge fuss; she probably would have clawed him to bits in an attempt to get away had he not held her at arm's length. He finally managed to get her in by scruffing her, but the poor thing looked absolutely terrified and traumatized by the whole ordeal - and that was just getting her into the carrier, she hadn't even gotten to the vet yet to get her shots!

When they returned, I learned that the vet hadn't even been able to do anything - when Chris tried to get Jasmine out of the carrier, she went after him (claws and teeth and hissing), so the vet tried to look at her teeth while she was hissing (clever!) but they made another appointment in a week and a half or so when they'll sedate her and do what they need to do. What I don't know is how in the hell we're ever going to catch her and get her into a carrier again. I'm honestly thinking a home vet visit might be the best option...

Now, I'm at my desk at home and Jasmine is wandering around my feet as if nothing happened. Wait, now she's crawling into my lap. Wow. Must be nice to forget traumas so quickly.

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