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18 June 2007

The Unhappiest Cat in the World, Part II

You may recall the original post about the unhappiest cat in the world - well, here's the rest of the story, at least through today.

Poor dear Jasmine got wrapped in a towel this morning so we could stuff her into a carrying case, and then Chris dropped her off at the vet. We knew they'd be sedating her, because there's no other way to do the necessary check-up stuff on that feisty creature, and they were also going to be cleaning her teeth. Or so we thought. Chris got home a few minutes after me, Jasmine in tow, and announced that she'd had to have six teeth pulled. Not only that, the vet says she's under weight - probably because eating dry food has been painful for some time now. So, how much do you think we feel like the worst cat parents ever?

The poor thing is still disoriented (she got home a few hours ago) from the drugs she's on, which include morphine right now, and she keeps licking at the stitches in her mouth. She's on a strictly wet food diet now for the rest of her life, and luckily we had a can of food which is actually meant for cats on cancer treatment (but Bub doesn't like it, of course) - it's really tasty (to cats, I guess) and super soft, so she's eating that right now. It's also full of calories, which she really needs.

In case you're feeling too badly for her, know this - she'll get her revenge on us twice a day for the next week. We have to give her pain medication at night and antibiotics in the morning. They're both in liquid form, so we've got to grab her and get the little plunger-full of medicine into her mouth without letting her shred us to bits. That would be a challenge under normal circumstances - this is the cat that doesn't even like to be held - but right now she won't let us come near her. Well, that's not exactly true - she'll let herself be petted, but if you try to do anything more than lightly stroke her back she hisses. She's pissed off, and with good reason, and I'm seriously dreading having to give her any kind of medicine whatsoever - especially tonight.

Chris & I know this will pass, and she'll be fine (especially once the drugs wear off and she's not so disoriented anymore), but we both feel awful right now.

And a quick note - I realize this has kind of turned into the all cats all the time blog, which I hadn't planned... It's just that, for obvious reasons, this is the big news that's going on for us right now, so that's what's on my mind.

Oh, and if you've got any suggestions about soft foods that would be treats and that cats would like, by all means - let me know.


Stephanie said...

Sammie likes canned pumpkin. I don't dare feed it to her now because she pukes up just about everything that's not her special food, but it's worth a shot. I always got a kick out of watching her eat it. Also, we used to get canned chicken in lieu of canned cat food for Sammie and Magnus. Would that be soft enough for her?

Jessica said...

Hmm, canned chicken - I'd forgotten they even made that. That'd keep longer than the roasted chicken I've been getting at the store, too. Thanks for the tip, Steph! :)