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01 June 2007

This Cat is a Fighter

Bub is a fighter, all right, and I mean that in a couple of senses. First, the good news and then the funny news.

The good news is that at his second chemo appointment on Wednesday, the vet apparently couldn't even feel the tumor anymore. Now, they didn't do an ultrasound, so it's probably still there a bit, but the fact that it has shrunk enough that she can't feel it after only one treatment a week ago is really exciting to us. And after the initial first couple of days post-chemo last week, Bub was nearly back to his old self, playing and eating almost like normal. We're quite pleased with that, our little guy fighting off cancer so well.

The funny news is that he's also becoming more and more of a fighter when it comes to taking his daily pill. He's on steroids just for the first month of treatment (we've got three weeks to go), and it's a decreasing amount each week. Last week it was twice-daily pillings, and after that it's only once a day - but that doesn't keep him from fighting harder and harder each time. He's never been good about taking a pill, but it now takes both Chris and I to do it and it still takes two or three tries. He's crafty about it, too - he'll chew on the lump of food (pill hidden inside) until he finds the pill and then he'll push the pill out the side of his mouth, cleaned completely of cat food. Yeesh. So far, he still loves us anyway.

After his second chemo appointment this week, he doesn't seem as logey or sleepy as he did last week but his appetite was basically non-existent yesterday (the day after chemo); I'm not panicking like I did last week, as I'm confident that he'll be eating again soon (hopefully today), but I'd love to find something he really liked - something he couldn't even refuse in his post-chemo days - that I could feed him each day-after. I haven't found it yet, but I'll keep trying. I swear, if I find that he likes liver pate, I'll feed it to him once a week...

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