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15 June 2007

How a Family Reclaimed the Deck

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Now that the weather's (mostly) good around here and our deck is finally done, we've gotten the deck furniture back out again and we're spending more time out there - it's been great. We had forgotten how much we enjoy sitting outside in nice weather, grilling dinner and eating outside. The cats are loving it, too - I planted three big pots (low ones so they can reach them) of catnip, which all of them have been enjoying. They alternately eat the leaves off and rub their faces in the branches - it's very cute to watch. And then, when they're fully drugged out, they doze in the sun. That's when I take pictures of them.

The charming guy at the right is my dear boy, Bub, from before his lymphoma diagnosis and his frequent trips to the vet. He still loathes those trips, but he also still loves us afterwards, which is one of the wonderful things about him. I particularly love how regal he looks in this picture, because usually he's just a goofball.

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