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16 November 2006

14 Years Between Dates

Ordinarily, if a date I liked didn't come around again for 14 years, I wouldn't be interested in a second date. But Lindsey Buckingham is different.

I saw him on his "Out of the Cradle" tour in 1992, and he was brilliant. It was, if I remember right, the 2nd show of the tour, and already his band sounded amazingly tight. Over the past 14 years, I've occasionally pulled "Out of the Cradle" off the shelf and thought, "I must have missed the follow up to this album..." And then I'd check online and find that, no, nothing had come out since then.

Until this year.

"Under the Skin" came out recently, and that means Lindsey's on tour again. And I'm going to see him tonight, 14 years after our first rendez-vous. I can't wait. And I intend to forgive him completely for the long delay in his return. You can't hold a grudge against musical genius.

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