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12 November 2006

Blustery to Bright Overnight

When we drove out to Lincoln City on Friday afternoon, the rain was blowing sideways and Highway 101 had plenty of standing water - in many places it was difficult to see the road at all. We ate a late lunch at Mo's and then hung out in a coffeeshop with wi-fi for a couple hours, watching the horizontal downpour. By Friday evening, it had calmed remarkably to a constant - but at least vertical - rain.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I woke up Saturday morning to a bright, beautiful, sunny day! The sky was blue, and it wasn't even very windy on the beach in front of the cabin - I felt quite overdressed in my rainjacket and scarf. There wasn't a single drop of rain all day. We still were supremely lazy, despite the glorious weather, and I got caught up on a ton of reading I'd pretty much given up on ever doing. I even took a nap. Heaven, I tell you - heaven.

And now we're back to the real world - and the rain. Some weather-people are predicting 60MPH winds in the Portland area (80MPH at the coast, so I'm glad I'm not there tonight), so I'm just hoping we don't lose power or have anything crash into the house.

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