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07 November 2006

Fevah! In the morning, fevah all through the night...

I think I'm finally over the worst of the whole being sick thing - I hope so, anyway, because I'm not prepared to go backwards at this point. I didn't sleep at all on Sunday night - and I'm not exaggerating there, either, I didn't sleep at all - because I literally couldn't breathe through my nose. That truly sucks. Then yesterday I ended up getting a fever midway through the day. We don't have a thermometer, but I knew when I was sitting at the computer yesterday in my nightgown and sweating bullets that probably wasn't a good sign...

Amazingly, I slept through the night last night and while the fever has been coming and going all day, I'm feeling tons better tonight. I'm hoping for another good night's sleep tonight. Man, but these things manage to kick my ass but good. I told Chris on the phone yesterday that he's not allowed to leave anymore, since the last time I had a fever he was also on a business trip. He didn't think that would go over well at work, though, so I think as a backup plan we should at least think about investing in a thermometer.

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