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04 November 2006

Cold = Cold

The work retreat was great - lots of energy, great ideas... I'm excited about the next year. The temperatures at theFarm, however, were abso-frickin-lutely freezing. I woke up yesterday (final day of the retreat) with a sore throat, and I knew when I went to bed last night that it wasn't going away. Today, it's a cold. Dammit. I'm laying low this weekend (didn't even go outside today, which, by the sound of the rain pounding on the windows is probably just as well), and hoping the sore throat - at the very least - is better by the time I have to teach on Monday. Well, if it's not, I guess there are always drugs...

At any rate, I posted a little blurb on BootsnAll's behind-the-scenes blog about the retreat, complete with photos.

1 comment:

Matt D said...

Amazing what you find about the wilds of the colden wasteland of the Americas.
At least it ain't wet and miserable ;o)

Take care darlin

Matt ;o)