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16 May 2007

A Bald Belly

So, Bub (that's the cat) went in for his ultrasound today, and he's got a big shaved belly to show for it. The mass they'd felt in his lower abdomen is roughly 7cm, but it's a singular tumor - there's nothing else anywhere they could see. The doctors say that's a very good sign. And now our cat has an appointment with an oncologist on Tuesday morning. A kitty oncologist - who knew? I mean, I knew they must exist, I'd just never thought about it before. At any rate, I get to meet one next week.

In the meantime, Bub's going to be in hog (cat?) heaven here as he's going to get lots more canned food than he's ever gotten before. We need to make sure he doesn't keep losing weight, so every time he turns around there's going to be more canned food available to him. His sister is going to turn into a small elephant, of course, as we can't feed one without feeding at least a little to the other, but, as the vet said, "She can go on a diet later if she needs to."

We've been told that chemo for cats is very different from chemo for humans, in several ways - most notably cats do not lose their fur or feel like shit while they're on it. It can also be given orally, in the form of a flavored liquid, depending on how responsive the tumor is. We'll know more after he sees the oncologist next week.

Bub continues to seem fine, except for the weight loss, so ultimately remains confused as to why we keep shoving him in that awful carrying case and taking him to the doctor...

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