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26 May 2007

"Wacked Out Nip Nuts"

So, the latest thing is that Chris has decided catnip is like medical marijuana. He got a little container of "the good stuff" and has been sprinkling it on the floor for the cats to eat and roll around in. The hope is that it might help stimulate Bub's appetite (or at least make him happy!), but of course all the cats are benefiting. Chris has taken to calling them all "Wacked Out Nip Nuts" when they're rolling around on that one spot on the floor, day after day. It's pretty amusing.

Bub's eating more, too, which makes me happy - in addition to his twice-daily feedings of wet food he's been eating more and more of the regular dry food that's always out, which is great. And he's even gone back to his old habit of "hunting" his sister down and tackling her. So he's obviously feeling much better. He still isn't crazy about the whole pilling process, but Chris had gotten very good at it so it's far less time that they both have to deal with it.

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