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14 May 2007

Hey, that growth isn't supposed to be there...

I got back about an hour ago from taking one of the cats to the vet. I thought he'd been losing weight, but couldn't be sure, and figured they'd be able to tell me if I was imagining things. We haven't been taking any of the cats to the vet regularly (I honestly can't remember the last time any of them went in for anything, including vaccines) because they're all indoors-only and, well, they hate it. But this warranted action, so off we went. He yowled at me the entire drive, which was thankfully only about 7 minutes.

The good news? The vet assistants think he's perfect. He's adorable and a sweetheart and he behaved well, even when they had to get a blood sample.

The bad news? He's got some kind of growth that, as the vet put it, "isn't supposed to be there" around his intestines. She said lymphoma isn't uncommon in cats his age (almost 10), and that it can be treated pretty easily, depending on what it is. They're going to call me tomorrow with the results of the bloodwork and then we'll have to schedule an ultrasound so they can get a better look at it, and they'll probably go ahead and get a sample of it at that point, too.

I'm trying to be optimistic about it - after all, we don't really know what it is yet, or what the treatments are for whatever mysterious thing it might be - but of course it's not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear "hyperthyroid" or "abscessed tooth" or something, not "lymphoma." So I'm a little scared, and had a good cry when I got him out of his dreaded cat carrier and he immediately starting rolling around and wanting his belly rubbed. What a guy - I can drag him off to the vet where they poke and prod at him, and he still loves me.

So, any positive thoughts you could muster for my little guy would be much appreciated.

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