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25 May 2007

A Little Progress is a Good Thing

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent me nice notes and sent positive thoughts my little guy's way - it worked.

Bub ate a little tuna fish last night - maybe a tablespoon at the most, but it's more than he'd eaten in the 24 hours before that so I just about did a jig. He's also acting more and more like himself again, which is really nice to see. I talked with the vet assistant today and she gave me some more ideas of different foods to try (including chicken or turkey baby food!), so we'll see what interests him. She also said that his body would begin to deal better with the chemo after probably the 2nd round (which is next Wednesday) or maybe the 3rd, so that his recovery time would be quicker after each round after that. I'm hoping she's right.

Honestly, the biggest thing for me was that I had no idea what was coming next - I knew he felt bad, and I knew he wasn't eating, but I had no idea how long it would last or when (if) he would feel better and start eating again. Now that I've seen him bounce back a little bit, I'm much more encouraged. And that's a good thing, too.

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