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31 July 2006

Cat Videos

Rather than spread these out over time, I'm going to foist them all on you at once. So those of you who are anti-cat can skip this whole post. Heck, you might as well just skip the whole blog, as I'm not sure I want any anti-cat people around here... (I'm kidding. Mostly.)

But more to the point, for those of you who find the little furballs endlessly amusing, you'll enjoy this wee collection I've found (mostly on Frytopia) and been storing up...

Expensive Cat Toy - I laughed out loud at this one, mostly being thankful that wasn't my laptop.

Cat in a Bottle - Well, that about speaks for itself, now doesn't it?

Moos Attack - Even with the word "attack" in the title, the music got me. I'm a total sucker.

Ultimate Fighting Cats - I love that some people have this much time on their hands.

Sleepy Cat - That is one tired kitten...

Fox on Trampoline - Okay, it's not a cat, but this is so cute. And now I want a pet fox.

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