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28 July 2006

Cutting Back

There was a time in my life when I was unhappy with nearly everything I was doing. At that point, cutting something out of a busy schedule would have been easy. At this point, however, when everything in my life is fun and exciting and interesting, I hate that I have to cut something out... So I'm just cutting back instead.

This fall I'm going to go back to teaching one night a week as opposed to two, which should help. This term I've been teaching one level one class and one level two class, and the level two class was my first attempt at it... I feel, overall, that I'm doing the students some good - but not enough. I'm not confident enough in the material to be teaching it at the moment, and although I could certainly get to a higher confidence level, I don't have the time to devote to it.

So, starting in the fall, I'll be teaching one class a term, and only level one. Maybe I'll eventually get back to teaching level two, maybe not - for now, at least, it's a relief and a half to have only one class coming up next term.


Stephanie said...

Good call. I'm with you - I'm horrible at setting limits and not getting overscheduled and then I end up all stressed and frazzled. So good for you for taking care of yourself and coming up with a reasonable compromise.

vfscotti said...

But now I can't heckle you as my teacher for level 2.. :( Totally understandable decision though.

Jessica said...

Actually, Vikki, it looks like I'll be doing the first four weeks of the class, anyway, as the replacement teacher they've found will be in (guess where?) Italy until after the class starts. So, my exodus from two classes is slower than anticipated...

Oh, but no heckling allowed. Unless, of course, it's in Italian. ;)