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24 July 2006

Curly Girl

Many years ago, in the folly of youth, I used to dye my hair black. And then I'd get it permed. It was huge with frizz. But I wanted curl, dammit, and with hair down to my waist, the weight never gave the curls a fighting chance. Then, more recently, my fabulous genius-of-a-hairdresser said that she would not both color and perm my hair. She said it would be too damaging. I settled on color, because I've always wanted to be a redhead, and she's been doing a fine job in that department. I settled for straight hair, and I was fine with the decision.

And then we cut to this past weekend, when it was so ungodly hot here that I became the girl who takes a couple cold showers every day just to cool off. I obviously wasn't about to blow-dry my hair after that, so it air-dried. And it did a funny thing. It curled.

Apparently my genius-of-a-hairdresser cut my hair in such a way that it curls if I don't blow-dry it. Who knew?!?

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