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22 July 2006

Driveway Explosives

So, I'm a little behind... But if I'm being positive about things, I could say this makes holidays like July 4th last longer. Are you buyin' it? I hope so...

Before we went to the Lake O fireworks at the swim park, our new friends Nino & Patricia (well, more Nino than Patricia) set off some fireworks in their driveway with the help of their friends Jason & Codi (again, more Jason than Codi). Truth be told, Codi & I sat on the steps of the house, well out of firing range, with our cameras in hand. Patricia made sure the hose was turned on...

Nino's inner child comes out as he prepares to light something loud and/or colorful.

The smoke bombs were my favorites; they were really pretty, and - blissfully - perfectly quiet.

When the first spinny thing (and yes, that's a technical term) was let loose on the driveway, it didn't spin because of the cobbled surface. The ever-creative Jason ran inside and came out, all MacGyver-like, with a contraption to hold it above the driveway. When it didn't work as he'd planned, he opted to hold the thing himself. In this picture, he's clearly pleased with his ingenuity (it worked like a charm)...

...then he made the mistake of moving downwind... Ah, well, for those of us who were merely spectating, the boys put on a nice show.

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