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03 July 2006

I'm Still Watching the Tour...

I had a very heavy heart last Friday when I last checked in here - and in many ways I still do - about the state of cycling, my favorite cyclist's name on a list I don't want it on, etc. But over on that other wee blog, I wrote this.

I've made a decision to keep watching bike races and keep believing the guys who claim to be clean, unless and until it's proven otherwise. Cynics say every sport is full of dopers, and they're probably right. But if I don't continue believing that cycling is a beautiful sport, I'm not sure what I'm left with. Golf? I don't think so.

So I hope the cycling fans out there will keep being fans, and keep believing in the beauty and the grace of the sport. I think if enough of us say that we don't want our favorite cyclists to be super-human, only to ride their best, maybe they'll hear us. Maybe.

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