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06 September 2006

It serves me right...

So, back when I first saw this product advertised on television, I mocked it mercilessly. The ads were stupid, but beyond that, I couldn't imagine how on earth the doggone thing would be useful.

Well, cut to the present day, when toothpaste can be a lethal weapon on an airplane, and the thought of going for nearly two days without brushing my teeth is less than appealing. I've been to three stores in the last two days looking for them now, however (tail between legs and all), and they're nowhere to be found. Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought they seemed idiotic in the first place. The gal at the last store said that they'd had a ton of people in lately asking for them - all travelers - and would be getting some in next week.

For my next trip, then, I'll be well-prepared.

Now, I have a request - would someone please invent hand lotion in a wet-wipe form? That would make my in-flight travel kit complete once again, and potential-weapon free. And isn't that what we all want?

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Court said...

I love these things! I have a bunch with me too and have been using them on lots of long, painful bus or train rides. I have some for your last few days if you need em!!!