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02 September 2006

Shopping is Hard Work

Toni and I had a shopping day planned for today, and I knew it was going to be a long day... I'm amazed I didn't crash midway through, running on very little sleep and with higher heat being predicted than I prefer, but we were having so much fun that I guess I was distracted from my fatigue until we were done.

We started the day at the farmer's market, where I didn't buy a thing (except donuts, of course), because I'm leaving so soon. Our main errand at the market today was to bring peach ice cream samples to the folks at the stand where we buy the peaches! They enjoyed the samples, and one of the gals was even caught feeding one of the customers. Very cute. I think I convinced another one of them to get an ice cream maker, too.

After that, it was shopping, shopping and more shopping - with a break for lunch with Toni's cousins. It was mostly for Toni, and I think she got pretty much everything she was in the market for. I got the things I was in the market for, and a bunch of stuff I wasn't... But which are fabulous, of course, and which I had to have. And yes, most of those things were shoes. What did you expect?

And now I'm exhausted, and am going to bed. Tomorrow I'll fawn over my spoils some more, finding space for them in my overstuffed closet and vowing to purge unused items when we return from Europe with, as you might guess, even more clothing and shoe goodies. Well, that's the plan, anyway. And boy, do I hope things go according to plan.

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