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27 September 2006

Job Changes While Jetlagged

I walked into the office yesterday morning mostly awake, but with that jetlaggy haze not too far off the horizon, and was immediately called into a meeting. I never even turned on my computer.

The long and short of it is that my job description has changed somewhat dramatically, as have my working conditions. It's all for the good, especially in the long run, and it's still gonna take some adjustment.

First off, the job is more targetted now. Before, I was doing a little bit of everything - kind of like a virtual juggling act - and not really delving into any one of them too deeply. Now I'm doing one thing (the thing that's actually in my title, so that finally matches), and since it's the thing I liked best, I'm really happy with that.

Second, I'll be working from home, only going into the office a couple times a month for meetings and/or as needed. This is the more major immediate change, as it's the physical one, and as this is only day 1.5 of me being a telecommuter, I'm still not sure how it's all going to play out. The good news is that I'm doing my laundry while I'm working! This first month is a test, to see how it all goes, so I'm reserving judgment for now.

In the long run, as I said, I think it's all positive. In the short run, it's such a different situation than what I left - not to mention what I expected to return to - that I'm still sorting it all out in my head. I'll tell you, though, that the cats are really enjoying having me here during the day, which counts for something in my book.

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