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29 September 2006


I swear, this has been one of the most challenging re-entry weeks I've had returning from a trip... The jetlag was bad, and the whole job thing on top of that hasn't made it any easier. I'm hoping to get a little more back to normal this weekend. On my agenda:
  • Finish unpacking (yes, there is still some to be done)
  • Put away laundry (I washed all the trip clothes, just haven't gotten them put away yet)
  • Finish trip "notes" (I think I left off on the 22nd, so only 2.5 more days to cover)
  • Finish trip photo highlights set on Flickr
  • Prep for my class (the term starts on Tuesday for me)
  • Alumni event (at my alma mater on Sunday)
  • Clean out office (we now have furniture to set me up with a home office, just need to get the disaster area of a room cleaned out)
Uh-huh. Umm, looking at that list, I'll be really happy if I can get half of it done. Yeesh. When do I get to go on vacation again??

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