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01 October 2006

I'm so glad I looked at the calendar...

I was operating under the (as I know now) false impression that my class started on Tuesday. I casually checked this morning, and am glad I did - it begins tomorrow. Well. So, I've now been in a semi-panic about getting the program ready, and remembering to bring the appropriate things with me tomorrow so I can photocopy them. The good news - and it's quite good, actually - is that I've done most of the prep work already, so all I need to do is make the requisite photocopies and get to the room on time. But I'm extremely glad I looked at the calendar...

All this to say that I'm rather behind on my to-do list, although I'm making headway on a couple of the items, and I'm off this afternoon to my alma mater to try and help the current crop of seniors understand what life after college is really like. Yes, all that writing your professors are making you do is going to come in very handy - much more so than that theory class they make you take, but don't tell them I said so.

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