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04 October 2006

Whew... Some Highlights Reel

So, I finally moved all the "highlight" photos of our Euro trip onto Flickr. They're not annotated yet, so the tour isn't exactly user-friendly, but just getting them onto the site was a damned chore. Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's because there are 522 pictures in the set.

Yes, this "highlights" reel ain't for the faint of heart. Frankly, it's probably not really for anyone other than Chris and me. I mean, I can imagine plenty of people who'd enjoy bits and pieces of it, but the whole thing? For some, I figure it'd be like looking at 522 pictures of someone's new pet gerbil. And we all know how many kinds of fun that would be.

When I've got the annotations done, I'll put a link here to the set, for anyone who's intensely bored or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

Ciao Jessica! Ho trovato il tuo blog ed aspetto il tuo link per vedere le foto dalla tua vacanza. Spero possiamo incontrare ancora per parlare in italiano......

Massimo (da Vancouver,WA)