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13 October 2006

Sometimes it's good to not follow directions

I saw a story online today that reminded me of my 2004 trip to France & Italy with Chris & my mom. We had a GPS navigational system in the car, and for the most part - like, probably 95% of the time - it was an absolute dream. We'd just get ourselves lost on purpose in Tuscany, taking turns we thought looked interesting and often ending up on dirt or gravel roads, and then just plug in the address of our hotel and we'd be guided safely home.

There were a couple of glitches, however, which we just laughed about once we realized what was going on. In one instance, at a roundabout just outside San Gimignano, our guide (who Chris nicknamed "Hunny") had us going around in circles - never taking any of the turns. After the first couple go-rounds we just laughed and took the turn we thought was right (it was) and she guided us from there. Another issue, also outside San Gimignano, was that every time we'd pass by a certain highway on-ramp Hunny would try to get us to use it as if it were an exit. We didn't listen to her.

This article makes me think GPS systems should only be given to people after some kind of basic intelligence test is applied, however, for the safety of everyone involved.

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