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24 October 2006

What a Wedding

Had a blast at my friend Kim's wedding over the weekend, mostly hanging out with two other college girlfriends (Kim was, understandably, busy). I was reminded how nice it is to spend time with people who know you and love you for who you are... People who've known you for long enough to accept your oddities (sometimes even find them endearing) and around whom you can absolutely be yourself. Whoever that is.

The four of us have known each other since our freshman year of college, and even though it's unlikely we would have ever met - let alone become friends - if we hadn't all been living on the same hall that first term, we've maintained a close friendship over the years. I love my friends with all my heart, and am so glad I got to spend a little time with them this past weekend. Now we just have to plot the next girls' weekend - one where someone's not getting married, so all four of us can participate.

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