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17 October 2006

1000 Wines on the Road

BootsnAll members & bloggers Bri & C.J. just took off today on their round-the-world trip. The most recent posts on the blog are great - I'm particularly fond of this one from yesterday. This excerpt is fabulous:
I wonder if this is something like what astronauts feel before a launch, an internal battle of excitement, fear, and the reality that you’ll soon leave everything and everyone you know behind. The astronaut’s dilemma is this: do you sacrifice your dreams for safety, or leave the life you knew for a glimpse of the fantastic? Looking up at the moon or down at a map, I think the realization that you must at least try to go eventually becomes inescapable. To paraphrase Roosevelt, to fail while daring greatly ensures that one’s place will never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. And while we certainly don’t anticipate failure, the risk we are now prepared to take is tied directly to the regret we would feel for not daring at all.

Buon viaggio, you two. I'm excited to follow your travels!

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