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14 April 2007

Portland's Horse Project

Horse Project
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Well, this is a little blast from the past for me. Last year, when I was still reading blogs that didn't have anything to do with work, one of the blogs I read was called Ride My Handlebars. It was a delightful blog (I'm sure it still is) - and the thing I remember most about it was a whole series of entries about The Horse Project.

If you're familiar with Portland, you've seen those little metal rings on some sidewalks and you've wondered, what on earth are those for? The answer is simple - it's to tie up your car so it doesn't get away. (Kidding.) Honestly, it's quite possible those rings were put on the earth for the exact purpose for which they're currently being used. See, there are these wonderful people who go around and attach toy plastic horses to these metal rings all over town. I'd seen pictures of them on Ride My Handlebars, but had never seen one with my own eyes - until last week.

One of my coworkers stood at the front door of the house which is our office and said, "Did you see the horse tied up outside?" Now, this house is on a busy street, so I thought he was sounding a wee bit crazy - until I stepped to the window and saw it across the street. I think I squealed. It happened to be that brilliantly sunny day we had recently, so I ran outside with my camera to get a few shots of it. I'm pleased to report that when I was last in the office two days ago, it was still there. It was lying in the gutter covered with leaves, so I picked it up and put it back upright on the curb, but it was still there.

Anyway, if you want to learn a little more about the fantastic people who are injecting Portland with a little whimsy, go to The Horse Project part of their website.

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