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29 April 2007

It's Good to Have Neighbors

We have had here, in the past, two neighbors with diabetes (one moved last year), both of whom became well-known to the local paramedics over the years when they needed help. It's been awhile since I remember seeing the paramedics on our street, so when one of my neighbors called yesterday to ask if her husband's car (he's the diabetic) was still in the driveway, I knew pretty quickly that something was wrong. He was supposed to have picked her up at work 15 minutes before, and he's never late. When I confirmed that yes, his car was in the driveway, Chris and I ran over to see if he was okay.

We found him slumped over the wheel of the car, car door still open. He was breathing, but not responsive, and we called 911. They arrived quickly and they already knew him by name. They got him to come around and they didn't even need to take him to the hospital, which was great; and his wife arrived just after the paramedics left. It was a little freaky, but it turned out well - and I'm glad Chris was there, too. Our neighbor's wife was so calm throughout the whole thing - I'm sure she's dealt with this before, but still. She didn't panic (or at least didn't sound panicked), even when she was en route, courtesy of a coworker, and stuck in traffic.

So now all is well again in our little corner of the world, and I'm everso glad Chris and I were home to help out. It's nice to have a space that's all your own, to be sure, but it's times like that when I remember how nice it is to have neighbors who look out for one another.

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