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27 April 2007

When Baking is a Tourist Attraction

St. Honore
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The lesson I learned from this visit to Portland's St. Honore bakery is that any time I've got my camera out it's an opportunity to take pictures. I don't have to be at a lovely garden (though I had been at a lovely garden mere minutes before sitting down for lunch) or on holiday, I just have to have the camera on my person and not give a whit about what people think. (It's the last part that's the tricky bit.) The good news for this excursion was that we found seats at the bar right in front of St. Honore's fabulous oven, so I just set the camera on the counter next to my plate and left it on, snapping pictures in between bites.

It just makes me wonder how many wonderful photographic opportunities I'm missing when I don't have my camera with me.

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