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18 April 2007

A Visit to Portland's Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden
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After saying I wanted to visit the Portland Classical Chinese Garden soon, we ended up making our way elsewhere over the weekend instead. During a lovely window of nice weather on Saturday we climbed up to the Portland Japanese Garden and spent just under an hour wandering around. I, of course, had my camera in tow - which was nice, as I haven't really had a chance to get it out and just play for awhile. As you'll see from the best shots I got that day, I have an odd fondness for those wee pagodas covered in moss. It would be nice to go back later in the year when more things are in bloom. The last time we visited that garden was probably easily seven or eight years ago, so it'd be nice to make a repeat trip without so much time in between.

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Anonymous said...

veramente bellisime, le foto..... che luce!