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26 December 2005

The Castrator

Charades is like a religion in Chris' family - they play it at every Christmas party they host. I've never taken part, as I'm not a game person and, frankly, they scare me. Today, however, I saw how they reel 'em in young.

Chris' brother's family was over this evening with the two kids, and they brought out a new game they'd gotten - Charades for Kids. Yes, they're indoctrinating the next generation, preparing them for the many Christmas parties ahead of them. (I still stayed out of it - I don't want to give them any false hope.)

The best moment came when our 4-year-old nephew was trying to guess what Grandpa Ed was doing, taking coins from his hand and putting them on a pillow. The adults were trying to help, saying, "Where do you put money?" Our nephew shouted, "THE CASTRATOR!" All the men in the room sat up everso slightly before realizing it was cash register that he meant. Good times, good times.

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Stephanie said...

Okay. THAT is HILARIOUS! Thank you for sharing.