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18 December 2005

Stupid Snow

I grew up with snow, so I get to make wise cracks like, "I hate snow." And I do. Hate snow, that is.

I mean, it's all fine and dandy if you've got nowhere to go and nothing to do and the fridge is full and you don't lose power and there's plenty on television. If any one of those things doesn't hold, then snow is a damned pain in the ass. In my case today, the fact is we've got lots to do - and no way to get out and do it. Why? Because of this crap:

Out our front door - it may look like a light dusting, but there's ice from the earlier freezing rain underneath.

And this is out the other side of the house, overlooking the street (which cars are gingerly making their way up and down) and the mini-mart parking lot (which saw some idiot testing the iciness in his SUV with his friends standing around in the lot itself - all we could think was, "So, these guys are probably candidates for those Darwin Awards, right?")

The bottom line, the thing that is keeping me from getting any more frustrated about the weather, is the fact that I can't do anything about it. So, we're making Mexican hot chocolate and hunkering down to watch some of the 41 hours of recorded television we have on tap. It's not how we wanted to spend the day, but all in all - it doesn't completely suck. I guess.

Oh, and if all else fails, here's a cute little thing to pep you up if you're feeling low.

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